From: Nathan Schepers <nschepers_at_govital.net>
Date: Thu Dec 2 23:02:09 2004

Firstly, I'm brand new to the list and haven't spent much time lurking,
so I hope my post is welcome for what it is. :)

I have in my posession three VAXStation 2000's and a VT220/LK201 (?)

I used to have some big DEC monitors and the monstrous cables that come
with them (mouse, keyboard, display all in one cable), but they've
disappeared in the course of several years (and moves!).

I'm planning on reviving my retrocomputing hobby, and want to start by
setting up the VAXen (is VAXen the proper plural?) with the terminal,
and getting them on the network. After that I'll probably be on the
lookout for some more old DEC machines and parts.

Does the list have any suggestions for
        1 ) The setup of these machines
           2 ) Acquiring machines & peripherals of this vintage

Nathan Schepers
Received on Thu Dec 02 2004 - 23:02:09 GMT

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