Signetics 8x300 instruction set

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Fri Dec 3 02:05:56 2004

I've been trying to recall, with no success, how subroutine
calls were implemented in the 8x300. I used to write code for
this weird thing (realtime video processing) and the assembler
I used (some horror that ran under TSO) hid it from me so I
don't have a clear recollection of the method.

It's a really weird CPU, "subroutines" were essentially jumps,
as in a lot of machines, but the "return" was through some
strange jump table or something.

Once upon a time there was a website with CPU instruction cards
(man I had a huge pile of these things, pitched loooong ago...)
but I can't find it. Nothing on bitsavers I can find.

(There's also some really bad info out there on the origins
of "Harvard" architecture, attributed to some stupid hardvard
vs. princeton microprocessor design thing. Please -- about 40
years earlier: that asshole Aiken. No one liked him anyways.)
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