HP 64000

From: Gooijen H <GOOI_at_oce.nl>
Date: Fri Dec 3 04:23:34 2004

>From my memories from the eighties.
The HP64000 crate can be filled with an ICE for a target CPU
and (with the appropriate software) you can do real-time
emulation. With the addition of the logic analyser board
(and again some system software) you can combine the software
emulation with hardware signal tracing. For example: define
an event to occur (start trace etc) when the hardware signals
have a certain state. Also, on the screen of the HP64000 you
can see timing diagrams of al the signals.
Neat stuff if you must do hardware debugging of the target.
If the hardware is OK, the analyser is seldom needed.

As said, from memory, 20 years ago ...

- Henk.

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> This is at the other end of the country from me (well, almost) but-
> what is the 'logic analyser' that's referred to? A plugin add-on of
> some sort? And can the combo be used for general purpose logic
> analysis?
> http://www.trademe.co.nz/structure/0124-0126-/auction-19286316.htm
> Tks for any info - don't know this system at all.
> Dave Brown,
> Christchurch, NZ
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