HP 64000

From: Joe R. <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Fri Dec 3 07:25:47 2004

   I've never seen one used as a general purpose logic analyzer but they
probably did make the proper probes for it. However the 64000 was a
complete microcomputer developement system. You could write code on them,
save it, edit and change it, compile it, burn it into EPROM and operate the
target system using the code from the 64000s memory. There were also
emulator pods for just about any common CPU so you could monitor the system
activities, set breakpoints, examine and change registers, etc etc etc. As
you might expect there were LOTS and LOTs of accessories and peripherals
for the 64000. Plus HUGE amounts of software and manuals. I still have a
couple of them around but I've been shipping the peripherals, manuals and
software to Frank McConnell. A few years ago when I was finding loads of
stuff for these, Frank was the only one around that was seriously
interested in them.

   As for using the 64000 as a LA. I wouldn't! It's a dammed monster! It's
huge and it's heavy! And I think it's doubtful that you'd get all the SW
and peripherals that you'd need anyway and finding the CORRECT parts is
going to be very difficult. Yes, I find lots of parts for them but it's
always a hodge podge of parts and not enough of any one set that I was able
to do anything useful with the 64000.

   The 64000 would be a great machine for a serious collector. Someone that
was willing to get out and find all the original documentation, software
and peripherals and build a collection out of it like I have of the Intel
MDSs but as a piece of working test equipment I think it would be the pits.


  PS I should also point out that the 64000 uses those self-melting tape
drives similar to the ones on the HP-85, 9825, etc. AND the tapes
themselves are very prone to shedding their media and becoming useless.

At 11:11 PM 12/3/04 +1300, you wrote:
>This is at the other end of the country from me (well, almost) but-
>what is the 'logic analyser' that's referred to? A plugin add-on of
>some sort? And can the combo be used for general purpose logic
>Tks for any info - don't know this system at all.
>Dave Brown,
>Christchurch, NZ
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