NCR Tower PSU again

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Fri Dec 3 18:12:04 2004

Well, it's sort-of alive... I think there's a bus fault somewhere though
- system tries to come up, system board and memory pass tests, then it
fails first on something called SSKE, before proceeding to fail both the
SCSI controller and the the serial controller boards.

Funny how it knows that the SCSI and serial boards are there, yet it
thinks they're faulty. I can't think what SSKE stands for either, but as
it's the first error logged it's probably the root of the problems.

So, I can talk to it on the console and get the diag menus up, but not
much else at the moment! :) I've mentioned the specific fault codes on
comp.sys.ncr so hopefully there are still a few old timers there who
happen to have manuals and can look up the details...


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