BBN and SMS pictures.

From: Tom Uban <>
Date: Fri Dec 3 22:18:47 2004

At 08:22 PM 12/3/2004 -0500, you wrote:

>At 03:24 PM 11/24/04 -0500, Michael Thompson wrote:
> >At 02:02 PM 11/19/2004 -0500, Joe R. wrote:
> >> Here are some pictures of SOME of the stuff that I got last weekend.
> >Besides a huge box of manuals that I've sent to Al, I found five BBN
> >computers and I'm attempting to rescue enough of one to make a workable
> >system for Tom Uban. Plus all the cards out of the other ones for him for
> >spares. The BBN chassis is just too big to deal with but I got ALL the
> >cables, the complete PSU (on the back panel!), the multibus card cage (and
> >all the MB cards) and the switch card that lets all the CPUs talk to all
> >the other CPUs. The BBN CPUs are odd in that they don't plug into a socket
> >so the card cage isn't absolutely necessary. All the power and signals go
> >through connectors on the front of the card. Warning: this is a SCRAP
> >place and some of it isn't pretty!
> >>
> >><>
> >
> >I designed the Multibus backplane in that BBN machine about 20 years ago.
> Neato! Do you remember what those BBNs were used for or were the
>Multibus chassis used in all BBNs? IIRC the MB backplane in these was made
>by Mupac.

Mupac would make sense. I am pretty sure that was the brand which we used
at BBN when we built the Butterfly machines. I used to have a large VME
chassis made by Mupac that I picked up from BBN while I was there. We used
the VME interface on the GP1000 followup, the TC2000.

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