hp 9121 (cctalk Vol 16, Issue 6)

From: Vassilis Prevelakis <vp_at_cs.drexel.edu>
Date: Sat Dec 4 02:39:12 2004

Natalia <nataliac_at_uvigo.es> wrote:
> I have a Dual Disk Drive HP 9121 that is cabled to an HP 9816 whith
> operative system HP Basic 2.0. When I copy or save file or program put
> the message "error 88: read data error". Can you help me? What is the
> Problem?

You can get the manual for the 9121 at

But I suspect that the problem is a dirty R/W head on the drive.

You do not mention whether you have the 2 drive model (9121D) and
whether you have the same error message when you try accessing the
second drive. If you only have the prob with the first drive, then
its almost certainly a dirty R/W head inside the drive.

Have you tried cleaning the heads? The easiest way is to try to
find a cleaning diskette (usu available for PCs). Such diskettes
usually have an extra hole across from the WRITE-PROTECT tab.

You have to cover this (extra) hole with some tape (black
electrician's tape will do) and then the cleaning diskette will
be usable with the 9121.

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