VAX 11/725

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sat Dec 4 06:04:19 2004

On Dec 4 2004, 0:56, Tony Duell wrote:

> I really must dig out my 11/730 and get it going. I've got the R80
> and the TSU05 magtape system (this was a standard cofiguration in
> half-height rack). Of course I've also got an RL02 on one of my 11s
> I could hook up.
> What are my choices for an OS, given that I have no official license,
> live in the UK, and am not a member of DECUS (the UK chapter charges
> extortionate membership fee).

Run BSD, or join the US chapter of Encompass (which, at the lowest
level, is free). The latter is what I did when my UK subscription
expired, because I have more than one microVAX and I wanted at least
one running VMS. Which I will get round to doing something with "real
soon now" ;-)

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