Free (UK): PCB developing tanks

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sat Dec 4 10:10:03 2004

Anybody want three developing tanks for making printed circuit boards?

They're intended for developing/etching/tinning and each holds almost 9
litres (about 1.9 gallons/2.3 US gallons) of liquid when working. Each
is 490mm x 140mm x 370mm high (400mm including the lid, with its
handle), and they're designed to be fitted into cutouts in a bench top,
though you could stand them on a low bench or in a (large) sink.

One is a plain tank, one is fitted with a thermostatically-controlled
heater, and one has both heater and air-bubble tubes, and I have two
controller boxes for them (which have been kept indoors, in the attic).

I'm never realistically going to use these, as I have small
fit-in-a-cupboard dishes and a heater I use for small boards.

I got these from the University about 10 years ago, intending to put
them in my new workshop. Unfortunately by the time the workshop was
built I had a lot more computers, electronics, and mechanical things,
there wasn't room, and The Boss refused to give up space in her utility
room. They've been stored where she keeps garden stuff, ever since,
but I've been given an ultimatum. If you can collect them, let me know
by Monday that they're wanted otherwise they'll go to the local tip.
 If I know someone will take them, I might persuade The Boss that they
can remain in her utility room (now they've been cleaned up a bit)
until Christmas, but suggesting any longer would probably have fatal
consequences (for the tanks, not me; I'd probably get away with
crippling injury).

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