Signetics 8x300 instruction set

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Date: Sat Dec 4 13:36:14 2004

Your loss!

I bought my first airplane as a result of a TMI stock deal.

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> Tom Jennings wrote:
>>(There's also some really bad info out there on the origins
>>of "Harvard" architecture, attributed to some stupid hardvard
>>vs. princeton microprocessor design thing. Please -- about 40
>>years earlier: that asshole Aiken. No one liked him anyways.)
> (ok, that made my laugh. pretty hard.)
> Aiken. Howard was it?
> used to be some big boxes he made in the lobby of one of the builds over
> at h-a-r-v-a-r-d...
> I think he was quoted as saying something like, "if your ideas are any
> good you'll have to jam them down other people's thoats".
> I have always like that. And have found it to be largely true. Not
> that I have had that many good ideas.
> (I know you were joking, I just had to chime in :-)
> Next I think we should rag on Danny Hillis and that silly connection
> machine. I remember asking, "so, with 64 cpus you run 64 compiles at
> one time, right?" and the interviewer said, "no, no ones ever done
> that". I walked out shaking my head and didn't take the job.
> -brad
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