From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sat Dec 4 18:40:36 2004

On Dec 4 2004, 13:57, Seth Morabito wrote:

> I've just re-joined the lists after a... uh, something like a four
> year absense, I guess! It's good to be back, even if it is a little
> more verbose than I remember.

Welcome back :-)

> I looked through the recent archives and didn't see this covered
> already, forgive me if I missed it -- I've been unable to contact
> or for the last week
> or so.

Tim posted a note on alt.folklore.computers about a week ago, to say:

  The web-accessible archives at, namely

  etc. are down due to windstorm activity yesterday. With a little
  luck things may be back up early next week (week of Nov 29 - Dec 3).
  Realistically there are a lot of trees and wires down and hooking
  back up to the interweb may take a while.

  The SIMH and pdp-11 stuff as of July 2004 is mirrored at

Unfortunately bitsavers is also down, but Jay has a mirror at

I'm not surprised you couldn't find anything, it's just taken me 15
minutes, and I knew what I was looking for!

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