MicroVAX 3100 Questions.

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Sun Dec 5 05:43:22 2004

On Dec 5 2004, 11:16, Gordon JC Pearce wrote:
> Scott Stevens wrote:
> > 4. What is the console on this hardware? It has the three serial
> > ports on RJ-type connectors, and from what I gather this is a
> > machine, no framebuffer, etc.
> I made a connector for my DECStation 3100 by grinding bits off an
> connector until it fitted. Brutal but effective. Prepare to lose a
> RJ45s in the process - you'd be better with your own crimping tool
and a
> bag of plugs.
> Better still would be the proper DEC connector, but I couldn't find
> of those.

You can still get them from Farnell in the UK (and presumably in the
States etc) and CPC in the UK. Since I'm sitting here with the Farnell
cat open for Ethan, I looked them up.

Stewart P/No 937-SP-3066R-OST for stranded round cable is Farnell
Stewart P/No 937-SP-3066-OST for stranded flat/oval cable is Farnell
Stewart P/No 940-SP-3066R-OST for solid round cable is Farnell 429-843
Stewart P/No 940-SP-3066-OST for solid flat/oval cable is Farnell
The catalogue numbers are for packs of ten, and they cost UKP4 or so
per pack (quite expensive nowadays).

Of course, the real problem is getting the crimp tool. MMJ tools tend
to be expensive, although if you have one of those multipurpose
crimping pliers with interchangeable dies for blue/red/yellow insulated
connectors, BNCs, RJ45, RJ11, etc you can get MMJ dies for about UKP12.

Better than hacking RJ45s would be to hack RJ11 (6P/6C) plugs. They're
very common, about a quarter of the price of MMJs, and there are
low-cost crimp tools available.

For anyone in the UK who needs *a few*, I believe I still have a box of
adapter cables for Emulex terminal servers. These are short (about
8-10 inches) flat cables with an MMJ on one end and an RJ45 on the
other. You can have a few for the cost of postage.

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