Dragon32 Power-Supply

From: Martin Scott Goldberg <wgungfu_at_csd.uwm.edu>
Date: Sat Dec 4 22:30:07 2004

>Can anyone give me the pinout and details of the power
>supply used on the Dragon32 (have a machine with no
>supply) - It has a 9-pin 'D' connector on the back of
>the machine for the power input!
>Searched and found some hardware info, but not the power

Hi Dave, here's the info directly off of my power supply:

P/N: TD64-1
INPUT: 115V 60HZ 28W
OUTPUT: 8VAC~1.5A 28VAC~0.25A CT

I don't have a pinout, but looking at it briefly the left bottom ones are


Another option is this company which is still selling new Dragon 32's
(complete with power supply) for $35!

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