FYI: identity theft

From: Glen Goodwin <>
Date: Sun Dec 5 11:10:25 2004

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From: John Allain <>

> Basically I'm just backing up the adage to not respond to eMailed account
> change requests, ever, probably.

Me too ;-)

My wife recently receved a phisher purporting to be from
Capital One concerning a credit card. She called Capital One
and they informed her that it was a legitimate request, and that
she should respond to the email message and provide the
requested information.

Two days later, Romanian scamsters began using her account
for cash advances.

Fortunately, she had kept all of the contact information for
the person at Capital One who told her to answer the email,
so all of the charges have been rescinded, but it has been a
time-consuming, worrisome hassle.

Later --

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