Looking for a place to get small(-ish) SCSI drives

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Sun Dec 5 11:31:24 2004

>Anyone know where those stacks went?

Probably the same place my stack went... the dumpster after I was
unsuccessful for months in giving them away. I probably tossed 50+ drives
in the range of 40-500 MB.

All mine would have been pulled from old Macs. I would suggest you look
for those to get the drives. You should be able to find 68k macs for free
or darn near it.

Another place to look is the LowEndMac Swap list. You can probably put
out a request for small drives and get more than you would want for
little money (lowendmac.com check the email lists)

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