Project finishing, was Re: Veroboard trace cutting tool?

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sun Dec 5 13:10:51 2004

On Dec 5 2004, 18:50, Philip Pemberton wrote:
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> Marvin Johnston <> wrote:
> > Something that I have started using to help give projects a more
> > "professional" look is clear adhesive label stock for the
> [ snippety snip ]
> I personally use inkjet transparencies. Print a mirrored version of
> layout onto the back (matted) side of the transparency. Spray the
> transparency (or the case if there's a square display cutout) with 3M
> PhotoMount adhesive, wait 15 seconds (IIRC), then stick the
transparency to
> the panel. Cut off any excess plastic and you're done.

Exactly what I did when I made spare unit plugs for an RL02, several
years ago (except I used laser transparencies).

> As far as drilling is concerned, use the non-permanent version of
> (can't remember what it's called, though)

Spraymount. And the really strong stuff is called Hobbymount.

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