VAX 11/725

From: Heinz Wolter <>
Date: Sun Dec 5 15:49:53 2004

yes - that damn tiny red plastic key. it's not like the PDP11 ones...
btw my boot tape is "BE-T1731-ME TU58#34 VAX 11725/730 CONSOLE"

I wonder if it is possible to load BSD (quasisaurus) on TU58, as I have
no 9 track take or ethernet on the system. It might be possible to write
BSD load images from a PC to the TU-58, as I know VMS be be loaded like
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> Hello all,
> Thank you for all the feedback and good advice I got on my question about
my "new" VAX 11/725.
> I will need some time to try out the proposed solutions. I do have a
boot-tape (only one) and seven rc25 packs. But unfortunately I first have to
find a proper key to select the /off/standby/local/remote/ at the
> I am glad that there are still people giving feedback to a question about
this small old VAX, and that there are still a few machines left in the US.
This one is standing at the address below. I certainly could use some
support with this project (of course I will pay any costs for shipment).
> Thanks,
> Jeroen van Hengstum
> Cauberg 10
> 2716 ES Zoetermeer
> Netherlands
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> At 03:33 30-11-2004, you wrote:
> >Brad Parker <> wrote:
> >
> >> You can boot bsd43 in 2mb of ram on a 730.
> >
> >Thanks for checking this, it's good to hear that this is still the case
> >with current 4.3BSD-Quasijarus.
> >
> >MS
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