IBM Thinkpad 390 disks?

From: Ron Hudson <>
Date: Sun Dec 5 16:40:44 2004

Any one have an IBM Thinkpad 390?

I am building a DOS machine, and I need some of the drivers,
I went to DRIVERGUIDE.COM and did not find them there. I went
to IBM and found the names of the files, but they refused to

The files are supposedly at but the directory
they are supposed to be in appears to be empty.

Files I need....
pctpbdos.exe and .txt PCMCIA drivers for DOS
uttpdos.exe and .txt Utility Disk for DOS
mdltbdos.exe and .txt Lucent winmodem drivers for DOS

I have googled the filenames, but they lead back to either IBM
or Driverguide.

My DOS is stuck in 640x480 mode on an 800x600 screen. This makes
an inch wide black border around the text-space. :^\

Anyone have an IBM 390 (mainframe style),

I am trying to build menus and screens that look mainframish,
I have already written a login program in turbo C that looks
sort of mainframe-ish.

are there any examples of mainframe screens on the internet?

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