Veroboard trace cutting tool?

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sun Dec 5 17:07:31 2004

> On Dec 5 2004, 17:06, John Lawson wrote:
> > PPS: Everyone on classiccmp who actually *has* any kind of milling
> machine
> > available, let alone on your premises - raise yer hands....
> If a Unimat counts, or a Myford lathe with the extra slides, I do :-)

I have the latter (Myford Super 7 with vertical slide, and for that
matter the dividing head). It's not got the travel of a real milling
machine, but I couldn't fit both the lathe and a milling machine into my
workshop (I couldn't afford them either!) and a lathe is the more general
purpose tool IMHO. Certainly I don't regret the decision.

However to get back to cutting tracks on stripboard (the generic name
IMHO), the problem with using a machine tool is holding the board when
you've got compoonents mounted on it. I rarely (if ever) plan the
complete layout in advance, amke all the cuts, and solder the parts on.
If I've got the design to that level, I'd make a real PCB. Stripboard is
normally used for experimental setups here, so I'll build a bit, test it,
build a bit more, test that, and so on. Which means a hand-held cutter is

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