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From: ben franchuk <>
Date: Sun Dec 5 23:25:53 2004

William Maddox wrote:
> I recently picked up an interesting book, entitled "The Logic Desgign of
> Computers: An Introduction", by M. Paul Chinitz. Mr. Chinitz was
> Director of Training at Univac from 1953 to 1956, and it shows -- even
> though this book was published in 1981. Seriously, the design style in
> the book is straight out of the 50's and 60's. Although the book makes
> numerous references to standard TTL logic components, he does just about
> everything with simple gates and RS flip-flops, and devotes space to
> such dated topics (for a book of its scope) as 1's complement
> arithmetic, serial arithmetic, and delay lines. Proponents of a
> straightforward fully-synchronous design style based on MSI, like
> Winkel, Prosser, and Mano, would be horrified to see students taught to
> gate clocks in 1981. The book uses a simple 8-bit 1-address
> architecture as an example, using a multiphase clocking scheme and RS
> flip-flops with preclear. All a wonderful throwback to the days when
> every gate and transistor counted.

Don't forget core memory and early 1024x1 Dynamic rams. :)
Fun to interface.

> I picked up a copy at a swap meet, misplaced it, ordered another from an
> internet used bookseller, and then found my original copy. I thus now
> have an extra copy of this book. It is available for $5 plus shipping if
> anyone is interested.
> --Bill

Design - Design - Design
I think I'll go for the BIG CPU DESIGN --- A simple 24 bit CPU.
So I will need the book, 14 74172's and 8 74F382's.
Now if I could only drop the ALU logic since I have alot blinking
lights and strange data paths. Since my goal is about PDP-8 speeds
I don't think I will have a problem using LS parts.
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