VAX 11/725

From: Michael Sokolov <msokolov_at_ivan.Harhan.ORG>
Date: Mon Dec 6 14:52:04 2004

Heinz Wolter <> wrote:

> 20 tapes?
> not so bad if loading from a pc emulated tu56 ;)

Well, the problem is that there exists no installation procedure for
loading the main system (not even the miniroot, let alone full root or
/usr) from TU58s. The console TU58 is only used for the standalone boot
and copy programs.

To put it another way, 4.3BSD, including Quasijarus, is, has always been
and will always be totally open source, and as with all open source software,
you are free to do all kinds of things with it that are not officially
supported. BUT, you are entirely on your own in doing so.

> what are other options if there is no ethernet?
> slip/ppp? - once a basic system is loaded?

The sl module for SLIP is not compiled into the distributed GENERIC kernel,
so you can only use SLIP after you have successfully installed enough of
the system to compile your own custom kernel. The same will be the case
for PPP in the next release (no PPP support exists in the current QJ0c

Also just as a clarification, Ethernet is not a supported option either
for bootstrapping your first VAX. The next release will allow you to
bootstrap your smaller MicroVAXen over Ethernet *from a larger VAX that
has itself been bootstrapped from magtape*. In any case the first VAX
at your site must always be bootstrapped from magtape. Also Ethernet
bootstrap can only work on MicroVAXen, you can't bootstrap a 730 over
Ethernet even if you had a larger 780 to boot from since 11/7xx and other
machines in the "large VAX" category have no Ethernet boot capabilities.

You really need to invest in a magtape drive. I'm sure you can buy a
magtape drive + UNIBUS controller from a professional DEC dealer like
Continental Computers or Keyways. If you want something smaller than a
reel-to-reel drive, there is TUK50, UNIBUS TK50 controller.

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