class X supression caps

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Tue Dec 7 07:09:32 2004

A lot of class X1 supression caps seem to be self-destructing in vintage
equipment these days. I've got one in my NCR needing replacement, plus
we have an HP 3000, two Apple Lisas and an Apple /// all needing them
too... (they don't half smoke when they let go too :)

Looking around, it seems that everywhere these days sells class X2 caps,
and Y2(X1) caps. What's the modern-day replacement for a dead X1 cap?
X2, Y2(X1), or something else entirely?

I'm sure I've seen Y2 caps in old equipment as being a different thing
to X1, which is why I'm getting confused if they're now classed as the

(Anyone have a source for 0.68uF X1 caps in the UK? Seems to be a very
uncommon value for supression caps - everyone does 0.47uF and then 1uF)


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