pdp-11 boot rom id's? & vtserver on an 11/44

From: quapla_at_xs4all.nl <(quapla_at_xs4all.nl)>
Date: Tue Dec 7 16:02:48 2004


This is a list from the M9312 manual, it is afaik the complete list.


 First device ROM Second device
 Console emulator 23-248F1
 RL01/02 23-751A9
 RK06/07 23-752A9
 RX01 23-753A9
 RP02/03 23-755A9 RP04/05/06 RM02/03
 RK03/05 23-756A9 TU55/56
 TU16/TE16 23-757A9
 TU10/TE10/TS03 23-758A9
 RS03/04 23-759A9
 PC05 23-760A9 DL11-A/W
 TU60 23-761A9
 RX02 23-811A9
 TS04 23-764A9
  ?? 23-765A9
 RDxx/RAxx 23-767A9
 Diagnostics(?) 23-616F1

I have all except the 753A9.
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