Retro blinkenlights panel available - UK

From: Shirker <>
Date: Wed Dec 8 15:47:33 2004

Hi cctech'ers,

I came across the following item which I have no need for, but it looks
absolutely ideal for anyone who's building a recreated old computer or a
new design from scratch, to use as status lights.


I think it's a panel from some experiment or other, way back when. The
lampholders are all wired together, and yes, those are filament lamps. All
of the lampholders are actually there - the couple which look like they
aren't have just been pushed through the panel by something, but are there
on the back.

There is some type of concrete-like substance on the panel (I've cleaned
most of it off the front, but it's still there on the back - cleans off OK
with a mild solvent and a brush) which would need to be cleaned off it.

Anyone who wants this, please contact me via private mail within 21 days
or I'll have to scrap it. Please feel free to offer cash as I could really
use it - however, if the best/only offer I get is "I'll pay
postage/collect" then that's fine :) If not, then, best offer takes it.

I also have a large number of books which came from the same place - I'll
list these on here within a few days so stay tuned!

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