Making CP/M disk images

From: Richard Lynch <>
Date: Tue Dec 7 01:22:43 2004

I've been able to create images of some Altos 580 disks using Teledisk 2.15,
then recreate the disks on DSDD media using the 1.2mb 5.25" drive on my 286.
If you can email me your images I'll see if I can make working copies on my

on 11/25/04 9:15 AM, Gary Fisher at wrote:

> I'm trying to do the same thing with some (downloaded) Teledisk images for an
> Altos 580 server which has a similar 96tpi floppy with no luck (a plea for
> help here).
> My limited understanding is that these drives use double density media and
> that a standard 1.2 mb drives don't work too well with that (the manuals all
> say that writing out 360k AKA 40 track disks on a 1.2mb is a bad thing). Did
> you take the drive in the SB180 and put it in the Compaq, still calling it a
> 1.2, 360k or even a 720k 3.5? I tried that with a different (SA-465) 96tpi
> drive jumpered as drive 1 and it seemed to write disks with no reported
> problems on the Teledisk write. The Altos still didn't like the disk though
> but that might be a function of the original files (or something else I forgot
> to do).
> Gary F.
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> Dwight:
> Interestingly, Teledisk did skip every other track. These are DSDD disks
> formatted on the SB180 machine using the "40 track" option. The drive in the
> SB180 is a 96TPI drive (HD) and the disk on the PC side is a standard 1.2mb.
> I'll have to see if Teledisk has any options that may address this. As I
> recall, the number of configurable options was sparse, though.
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