Got a HP 2648. Now what?

From: Bob Shannon <>
Date: Thu Dec 9 19:51:56 2004

Here's a little about your 2115 find.

They are by far, the most rare HP 1000 series processor.

Other than the one you mentioned, I'm only aware of 3 others
known to exist, and one of those is an unconfirmed rumor.

If you have any problems getting it running, I can help you out
with schematics and some spare parts.

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> On Tue, 2004-12-07 at 21:36 -0800, Frank McConnell wrote:
>> I don't know what option 032 is, but I used to have a 2648A w/HP-IB
>> under my care at a previous employer. It was how the plotter (a 9872)
>> was connected, and the office-automation graphics software on the HP3000
>> (DSG/3000, HPDRAW, EZCHART) knew how to use it.
> That's a good point; I've seen such a plotter in some of the HP surplus
> I've been sorting through recently. Also a large digitiser which is
> presumably HP-IB. Lots of little thermal printers too, plus stacks of
> HP-80 series add-ons. I thought it was all going to be a pile of junk,
> but there was some really nice stuff in there - will try and get a list
> together this weekend (this is where I unearthed the 2115A too)
>> I remember writing some little hacks on the 3000 to send HP-GL to the
>> plotter to make it do stuff (before we got HPDRAW &c on the 3000), but
>> don't remember how they worked;
> I might be looking for some HP3000 software if anyone out there has any.
> We hooked one up the other day and so far it seems to be working (it was
> only intended as a static exhibit!) so making it *do* something is an
> option. I've only seen alignment packs for the drives so far, and
> nothing on tape though.
> I confess to being totally ignorant about HP stuff! :-)
> cheers
> Jules
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