my CP/M-80 pile'o'gunk

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Thu Dec 9 20:34:26 2004

Tom asks:
> I can RTFM, but is this a handwired cable? Is there any vestigial
> correspondence between floppy pinouts (3.5, 5.25. 8)?!

3.5 and 5.25 are the same, but 8 is completely different.

If you want to *write* 8-inch disks, you need something to generate
the TG43 (Track Greater than 43) signal that controls the write
current. Not necessary if you only want to read.

The D-Bit FDADAP floppy disk adapter can be used if you don't want
to wire up a random cable. It also has a PIC that generates the TG43

>> I archive the contents of 8-inch disks into DMK format using a
> WIll go look at tonight!

If you want to decode CP/M disks, and you use my rfloppy program to
read them into DMK format, you can then use the included dmk2raw
program to extract just the actual sector contents from the DMK file,
which will then be easier to manipulate with other programs or
scripting languages.

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