Got a HP 2648. Now what?

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Fri Dec 10 07:12:49 2004

At 10:03 AM 12/10/04 +0000, you wrote:
>On Thu, 2004-12-09 at 22:25 -0500, Bob Shannon wrote:
>> Jay wants one, has for a long long time.
>> I have a 2645 and a 2649G, but both are DOA.
>> Both have mold on their CRT's.
>That seems to be a common problem with our HP terminals,

  It's not just the terminals. You find the same thing on HP 64000 LDSs and
9845 and 9835 calculators that use CRTs. I've never figured out why some do
it and some don't. I've bought stuff that's sat in un-air conditioned
storage with PLENTY of humidity here in Florida and it will be fine but
others that were stored under better conditions are full of spots. In fact,
the three 2648s that I just bought all came from the same place and were
stored under IDEAL conditions and one is almost completely covered in spots
but the others are perfect and have NO spots. I wonder if something
happened to some of them during manuacturering? I've seen a number of HP
voyageur series (HP-11C, 15C, etc) calculators that had never been
previously opened but had distinct spots of corrosion on the circuit board.
It appeared that someone had dripped sweat on them as they were being

  I guess I should start picking up any HP CRT devices that have good CRTs
and save them just for the CRTs.


>everything else from the same era is fine. (Couldn't tell you exact
>model numbers yet as all of HPs numbers blur into one after a while! I'm
>still organising our piles of HP surplus prior to making a list of what
>there actually is)
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