Making CP/M disk images

From: Gary Fisher <>
Date: Fri Dec 10 08:56:07 2004

I just wanted to give an update on how I was making out with the disk images for the Altos 580. I was informed by another member of the group that Teledisk 2.22 & 2.23 don't really work too well for this application and suggested Teledisk version 2.15n. That did the trick as to writing an image that the Altos could use. My 1.2Mb drive wrote the images (which were 96tpi) on a DSDD 48tpi disk just fine using the older but better version. If any of you are looking for where I got those images, there is a extensive collection in a zip (or tar) at:

The real problem was me failing to hearing absence of the "click" of the heads on the Altos drop down. The head loading solenoid (sic) was sticky and with a bit of prodding now engages the heads with the accompanying successful loading of the disks.

My thanks to those who offered to help (you know who you are!)

However (and isn't there is always a 'however'), my next saga is to try and make a hard disk work with the Altos. I've tried various MFM drives from 10mb to 40mb but with no success. The heads don't seem to move on any commands, just the nice whirring of the main motor. The HD initialization program on my diagnostics disk doesn't seem to do anything and offers a limited choice of drive parameters. Therefore I'm assuming the massive amount of jumpers on the motherboard and disk controller card must have something to do with getting the HD going. Does anybody have documentaion on the 580 jumper settings or can shed any light on how to get HD's to work?

I'm really enjoying this machine as it is fast, has gobs of memory and just plain looks good!

Gary F.

on 11/25/04 9:15 AM, Gary Fisher at wrote:

> I'm trying to do the same thing with some (downloaded) Teledisk images for an
> Altos 580 server which has a similar 96tpi floppy with no luck (a plea for
> help here).

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