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Date: Fri Dec 10 07:12:09 2004

dear sir
HEWLETT PACKARD Microprogrammable System Computer HP2100S
is a compact data processor include: 32k word 16bit RAM ,
peripherals I/O interface,floating point and arithmetic
 capabilities,interrupt,two-channel DMA ,
operator panel CRT & KEYBOARD ,software for hp2100S :
fortran,algol,basic .user can write progam and cpmpiling
program and run it .several operating system are available
  HP7900A disc drive can store 5M byte in two disc fix and
removable HP2100 or HP2116 with two I/O work with HP7900
disc drive (HP2100 have DMA). hp7900 work like floppy disc
in PC.HP2100 designed in 1970.
you know above information , but my project :
i design one board install in PC for example
in PII 333Mhz and connect to HP2100 (connect to I/O for
HP7900A disc in 2100) HP2100 think connected to hp7900
but it connect to new board . new borad work like hp7900
 data on hp7900 save in file on PC this board get data
from PC and send it to HP2100 or get from HP2100 and send
 to PC for replace in file. all thing work like hp7900
stuts word ,addressing,send and recive data.
please connect me

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