5-1/4' drive on modern PC

From: Steve Thatcher <melamy_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sat Dec 11 12:15:30 2004

there are commercial machines that use a liquid photopolymer and a laser.
You can scan a 3d object or feed in a autocad drawing. The object is then
"built" from the bottom up 4 thousands of an inch at a time. You can create
up to a final object size of a cubic foot with one machine I have seen. Its
really cool to watch it make a part. The photopolymer is around $5 an ounce
though (I seem to recall).

> > I've daydreamed about a rapid prototyping machine that used
> > relatively inexpensive hot glue sticks to create plastic 3D models.
> >
> > - John
> >
>There are such devices though I think they use ABS plastic. Newer ones (3D
>printers) seem to be using dust of some kind (starch?) with water or something
>sprayed on the dust with an ink-jet head.
>Peter Wallace
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