Grid 1520

From: Dave Mabry <>
Date: Sat Dec 11 18:41:23 2004

Pretty sure that the roms that work in one work in them all. I've
interchanged them with many different models. Not ALL possibilities, to
be sure, but there was only one ROMBUILD program that I know of.

Joe R. wrote:

> I have a couple of Grids like that but I don't remember the exact model
> numbers. Only one of mine has the ICs inside the door. I'm pretty sure that
> they emulate a system disk (A: drive). Mine don't have floppy drives so the
> ROMs are the only way to boot one if it loses the CMOS settings. I've been
> wanting to pull the ROMs and try them in the other Grids and make copies if
> they work but never got around to it.
> Joe
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