Free DEC/mini stuff in Washington DC area

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Date: Sun Dec 12 09:45:30 2004

Still available, for free, you must pick up in the Washington DC

1. "Double" BA23 with all associated rack-mount hardware and double-
high bulkhead panel in the back.

2. Several Trimm Industries 5.25" high rack-mount SCSI enclosures,
styling is very similar to BA23's, and takes DEC skid plates.

3. Several dozen assorted Unibus and Q-bus boards.

4. Fujitsu M2444 Pertec interface 1600/6250 bpi 9-track drive.

5. Several hundred pounds of DEC VAX/VMS, Alpha/VMS, and Ultrix
condists. Mostly early/mid/late 90's, some from the past 4 years
too, and a few VAX and Alpha VMS installation CD's. Many dupes,
especially of the mid-90's VAX/VMS stuff. I will let you sort through
the piles if you don't want to take dupes, but I will not let you take
"just the new stuff", for every post-2000 condist I'm gonna make sure
you take away at least ten mid-90's ones!

And as always, if you show up for any of this stuff, I will try to
make you take away some other things too :-). First-come,

None of the items are availble for shipping, I just do not have the
time to box them up in any reasonable manner. All of it probably would
fit in a station wagon or larger car. (The only thing really bulky is
the M2444, which is a rather deep, high, and wide rectangle, but even
that will fit in the trunk of a large car.)

If interested, E-mail me at "". Pick-up times
on weekday evenings and weekends are available.

Tim. (
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