Got a HP 2648. Now what? Now women on list? Now worst computer related injury

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Sun Dec 12 11:26:19 2004

On Sun, 12 Dec 2004, Peter Brown wrote:

> Hi Sellam and all,
> >I think my worst computer related injury is a recurring one: I keep
> >bumping my kneecaps on monitors that are sitting on the ground.
> I took an HP 9122D to the head once - kinda fell off a high shelf where I
> was working
> Blood, swearing and confusion but no stiches....
> Anyone with one that involves stiching and / or an ER?
> Peter
> PS: for those of you who're worried, the drive was fine - built HP tough...

Oh yeah, I forgot about that one. I was lifting a couple boxes off of the
top of a taller-than-me stack. There was an old Apple Disk ][ drive (with
the heavy metal enclosure) sitting on top of the top box. I knew this. I
told myself, "Don't tip the boxes". So what did I do? I forgot what I
just told myself and tipped the boxes as I lifted them off. All of a
sudden, WHAM! Blunt force trauma to the head. The corner of the hard
drive enclosure walloped the top of my skull. I had a nice corner-shaped
impression on my head. A bit of blood, but no stitches required.


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