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Date: Sun Dec 12 17:26:07 2004

I am on digest and a bit behind.

I am a journeyman electrician due to health reasons had to close my business
of 16 years.

I started collecting because I was trying to find a way to make money that
corresponds with my body which only gives me about 4 to 5 good working hours a
day and a friend of mine on the net suggested ebay seller.
Good idea, I can combine my love of garage sale shopping and junk shopping
and make some cash to boot.
What started my vintage computer collection was one day I found a Compaq
Lunchbox computer and had it sitting on the floor when some of my many nephews
(hubby is one of 24, 19 currently living) came by and wanted to know what it was.

I told them a computer and they said no--it's a sewing machine.

I set it up and showed them how it worked. They were fascinated by the
monochrome monitor! LOL
It's like explaining that if it were not for Pong and Atari they wouldn't
have Playstation and X-Box.

I am also a crafter so due to limited space I collect the Ladylike dainty
computers that I can pick up.

I currently have:

Compaq II and an III Portable
Tandy 1000 HX
Sr. Partner Panasonic Portable
Timex Sinclair 1000 in box with marked Styrofoam
Apple IIe and an SE
Zenith Data System Laptop
Atari and the works all on original in boxes with Styrofoam.
HP -87
Digi-Comp II that I have not even had the time to mess with yet.

A small yet growing collection. I have more fun on "THE HUNT" than I anything
else. Second most fun is showing the youngsters where computers have come

I also have started a "Tech" signature collection. I have:
Patrick Norton signed PIC
Michael Garfield the High Tech Texan signed PIC
Michael Nadeau signed book

I need to see if I can get the good looking TV star, magnificent,hairy,
intelligent, smooth, ever so popular International Man of Intrigue and Danger ,
Sellam Ismail
to sign a book or picture or something for me.

If I had not seen him on TechTV I would have never found this list.

I am a firm believer if you want to have an interest in something--READ!
Educate yourself!
I have learned a lot from ya'll and even enjoy off-topic stuff cuz ya'll can
get to be down right a hoot at times.
I think I have been on the list for close to a year now. I am old and don't
remember well.
I am going to find me a dadburn Apple 1 if it kills me. I know there are only
a few but one of them has MY name on it!
Just a beginner,
Back to lurking,
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