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Date: Mon Dec 13 11:47:56 2004

On Mon, 13 Dec 2004, Computer Collector Newsletter wrote:

> Well, most events will issue press credentials, which are by application
> only, and the event planners can DENY credentials to anyone. So if
> you're CNN and the VCF declines to give you a press admittance, you
> could still enter as a member of the public, but presumably VCF would
> have been smart enough to have some fine print stating that members of
> the publics' photos cannot be used for commercial gain, in which case
> CNN would be illegally using its show admittance ticket.

Again, this comes down to whether they were using the photo as content for
their show, as opposed to doing press coverage. From what I've heard so
far, it doesn't sound like it fell under press coverage.

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