electro-Physics: 17.3409 volts

From: ben franchuk <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
Date: Mon Dec 13 14:15:30 2004

Dwight K. Elvey wrote:

> I've been trying to find some actual history on the 50/60
> thing on the net but so far, all I was able to find was
> that cell phones are frying our brains. My understanding
> was that it was a balance between efficient generation
> and efficient transformers. The voltages were mainly to
> control line loss. In the US, most people live close to
> their distribution transformer and line loss is not that
> high at 110-115V.

Also let us not forget back then every city had its own
generating plant for power. You had the choice of AC
or DC depending what power generator your local city
had installed. :)
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