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> On Mon, 13 Dec 2004, der Mouse wrote:
> > This reveals an apparent misconception. Restraints on government are
> > often (I'd almost say "usually") more severe, not less so, than on
> > other entities like individuals and private corporations. (This is
> > because government is in a position of much more abusable power. Or at
> > least that's the theory; how true it remains in today's system is
> > arguable.)
> (The extraordinary, planetary-scale, historically-recent power
> of corporations wasn't forseen obviously. It will probably take
> as long to recognize and implement "separation of business and
> state" as it did 'church and state'. Oh woe is us.)

The founding fathers also never realized the federal government would become
as powerful as it is today (states were much more powerful under the
confederation then today's government). You can go back to the beginning of
civilization and you will find the people with the cash always run the
government either directly (holding office or being King) or indirectly
(putting their own people in office), so Corporations in 2004 are no
different in this regard then the top 5% of landowners in 1776.
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