electro-Physics: 17.3409 volts

From: Patrick Finnegan <pat_at_computer-refuge.org>
Date: Mon Dec 13 15:57:22 2004

On Monday 13 December 2004 16:42, William Donzelli wrote:
> > Who would be using DC besides electro-platers?
> Old elevators. Lots of old elevators.

And, lots of not-so-old elevators. There's a lot of elevators installed
at purdue that use a 3ph AC->DC motor/generator set to run a DC motor
for the elevator (which seems to typically be about 250VDC). Doing
that makes direction control simple (a DPDT relay can switch the
polarity, and thus the direction), and (as someone else noted) gives
good starting torque.

And speaking of old elevators, in one building, Purdue has an elevator
still operating from the 1920s or 1930s. Even controllers from the 70s
(used in the dorm I lived in) still used piles and piles of relays to
form the controller. Some of the more recent elevators have (ick!) a
Windows PC attached to them, presumably for programming type tasks, and
a PLC of some sort to run the actual elevator. I wouldn't trust
anything as complex as a PC to directly control an elevator.

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