Stupid TI power supply

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Tue Dec 14 11:08:16 2004

So after beating the shit out of this stupid TI power supply (none of your
suggestions worked, thanks) I come to find that it does have an internal
fuse and that it is complete intact. Wonderful. This thing is shot
beyond repair at this point. It wasn't intended to ever be opened

Anyway, hopefully I can figure out what this pile of garbage was supposed
to be putting out. Of course, there are no markings on the housing of the

There is an IC in here. It's inline with the hot side of the input
voltage. The markings are thusly:

X25 150(degree symbol)C
2.5A 250V~

A varistor?

Anyway, this is a heap of junk now.

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