Domain Name Registration

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Tue Dec 14 16:55:10 2004

On Tue, 14 Dec 2004, Eric Smith wrote:

> Network Solutions != Verisign.

Yar, I was being typographically lazy.

> this unlikely event, ICANN and/or the U.S. Commerce Department would
> select a new registry operator to replace the failed one. They would
> probably pick one of the existing registy operators for other TLDs, since
> that would minimize the disruption to the whole system.

Probably true. Some of my domains are old (1993) so a lot of
inertia is involved. I'd have to DO something!

On the other side of it is, there's not a lot of value in any
registrar, any reason to pisitively LIKE them, it's not like
they do anything FOR me except take my money (and pass that
nice referral to the roots :-) (OK zone servers but I still
think of them as roots) so inertia has been winning.

I was in the biz until 1996, I did thousands of DNS zones,
SWIP, wrote code, handled in-addrs, etc, now I want someone else
to do all the work.

(I might even have copies of the old COM NET ORG etc files
you used to download from I shudder at all
the domains we could have reg'ed and sold for hard cash...
that just Wasn't Done then. Some did, I know one person who
made millions off nothin' but domregs.)

When I managed a worldwide portfolio of domregs (20 or 30) for a
business ( I foisted it off on some pros in NY that did
that; True Names? Something Names, I forget. Total pros. They
charged for this! But they handled in-country requirements,
currency/schedule conversions, had legal beagles for weird
issues, and knew the ins and outs of all the trickery. It's
all gotten so complicated.
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