value of PDP8e

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Dec 15 00:35:51 2004

On Tue, 14 Dec 2004 23:36:48 -0600, Jay West <> wrote:
> Holy Geezz! $4000.00 USD for an 8E cpu only? *sigh*
That does seem to be a lot.


I'm sorry I missed one his other auctions:

For the eBay impaired, it's a BM08L, but not like the one I have...
this one appears to be an OMNIBUS box with the right goodies (Posibus
interface, etc.) to hang off of an -8/L and be memory and peripheral
space. Mine is a custom-wired backplane with room for two MM8I core
stacks and the wads of M and G modules one would expect in an -8/i or
-8/L for the primary 4K of core. The seller comments that it's
possible to turn it into a computer by adding the proper front panel
and "appropriate boards" (KK8E, etc.)

I would have been happy to have paid more than *double* the closing
price (31 GBP) plus the shipping to the States... it's exactly the
thing I've been looking for for _years_ - I've wanted to run OS/8 on
my -8/L since 1982... I have a 8K expander box, but no mass storage
for the -8/L (all I have are OMNIBUS things and a couple of Negibus

This one is sans cables, but that's not even close to a problem...

*sigh*... take a few days off scouring auctions and one slips by...


P.S. - if anyone has any docs on _any_ flavor of BM08, I'd love to
know about them... I've had this BM08 since college, but never had any
docs for it. Now that I know about this other variety, I'd be curious
to see if I could fiddle something up with a spare PDP-8/a chassis (I
have several at home). It wouldn't be properly authentic, but it
would still be 100% DEC.
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