From: Steve Thatcher <>
Date: Wed Dec 15 05:34:40 2004

you can find the boot monitor listing for the mds225 (and various other things) at

The 225 boots up off floppy when you have a single density floppy in the drive and you press reset on the front panel (any floppy in the drive will at least cause it to access the drive whether it can read it or not).

Obviously, if the floppy drive was never even selected then you have more problems on the IOC card in back. Keep in mind that the processor board out front does not access the individual items like to the keyboard, display, and IO ports (that is all done by the IOC card) through ports. The main processor sends commands to the back card to access the various pieces of hardware. You can get more info on that by looking at the schematic set at bitsavers also.

By the way, welcome to the Intel club.

best regards, Steve Thatcher

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The Series225 was left out under a verandah for 12years with just a plastic tarp covering
it and it was covered in mud and dirt. I spent most of the weekend cleaning it up and
checking it out. It powers up okay, but I need more info on this box 'cos I have no
doco for it whatsoever. I need to know the Monitor commands. I got a few of them out
'cos some are the same as the old Intel SBC monitors, but there are a few extra
commands that I'm not sure about. Also, does anyone have a ROM listing for the Series
225 Monitor? I'd like to know its IO addresses for keyboard, CRT, serial port. I can try
and hand dissasemble it, but I thought I'd try you guys before I embark on this task.

Oh, one other thing... at what stage does the Series225 boot from the floppy? So far
I can't get this thing to recognise it's got a floppy. I was assuming it would boot upon
power-up/reset, but it doesn't. So, maybe there's a command I need to use or it's just
stuffed and I'll have to fix it.

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