Stuff for sale, cheap

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Wed Dec 15 14:56:55 2004

I picked up the pile of DECstuff located in White Plains, NY the other
night, and most I really don't want. I am keeping the rack, PDP-11/23,
RL02s and some packs, and maybe a VT100, but the rest I don't need. So
here it goes, cheap:

(many) RL02 disk packs (some I think have MUMPS stuff)
(2 or 3) LA50 printers (little desktop things)
(2 or 3) VT100oid keyboards (may have missing keycaps)

Make silly offers for this stuff - just give me something for my
time and gas fetching the stuff. Shipping is from 10512.

Come to think of it, someone local could probably easily talk me out of
the whole pile. I must say it is not too pretty.

Unrelated, I also have an ancient video game - one of those analog/digital
hybrids (ping/squash/practice/soccer - the ultra cheesy games from the
mid 1970s). It is a Bentley Compuvision. The paddles are included, but
one is missing the knob (the pot shaft is still there). I was told it
still works, but did not try it out. Also accepting silly offers for the

Oh, and I also see I have a tube of Altera EP610SC-15 EPLD chips. These
are surface mount - I assume unblown, but can't be sure. 17 chips is
all. Same deal.

Please reply off list.

William Donzelli
Received on Wed Dec 15 2004 - 14:56:55 GMT

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