Auction Finds

From: Tom Ponsford <>
Date: Sun Dec 12 01:38:44 2004

A couple of good auction finds at the U of A. tuesday:

A DECWriter Correspondent which is a somewhat portable printer/terminal. This
one was the model B which doesn't have the acoustic coupler, but has the
internal modem and a 9600 baud EIA port. What was great about this find is
that it came with the origianl Digital brown canvas traveling case and all the
documentation (Operator's manual, reference cards and Programmer's manual)
plus a spare ribbon cartridge. It is really, REALLY, clean. with absolutely no
wear on the keypads and NO discoloration of the plastic, which make me believe
it wasn't used recently, or at all! I was amazed about the ink ribbon, when I
did run the print test the text was nice and crisp. Remember this is SE
arizona where it is drier than a celebrity at the Sierra Tucson detox clinic.
This is a circa 1982 machine too!

The other find was a Heathkit H-19 terminal which I promptly sold to another
fellow collector.

The last was a 10 year old, big, Emerson UPS, model AP115 (1.5 KVA, 1050
watt). It unfortunatly, did not have the batteries, but was in working
condition and for $2.50, I couldn't resist. I think it has a 96 volt capcity
and looks like it can hold quitea few of the small 12 volt VRLA batteries. It
had two heavy duty cables exiting the bottom of the case which leads me to
believe it might have had an external battery case. I'm trying to find some
documentation, any help would be appreciated.


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