Are HP 2671's repairable?

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed Dec 15 19:15:41 2004

I have one of these printers.....

I think this is the device with the contradictory notices on the bottom.
One says something like 'Do not remove cover, no user serviceable parts
inside'. The other says 'To remove cover, undo the 4 indicated screws'.

When I got mine, it didn't have any paper in it. I guessed thermal fax
paper would work (it does), but the shop I went to only had 210mm wide
rolls (European standard), the 2671 (and US fax machines, I think) take
216mm wide paper. Well, I spent a bit of time making a couple of spacers
to fit on the end of the roll spindle to get it in the right place, and
it worked pretty well. But I was darn annoyed when I went to a different
branch of the same shop to find they also had 216mm wide fax paper...

> Are parts available to repair a HP 2671G printer?

Some are, some aren't, I guess. Much of the electronics, for example, is
standard TTL chips....

> I'd like to replace the geared belt that drives the print-head.
> I'm not at all sure that the head can be removed from this belt

It's been a long sime since I've been inside mine, and I don't really
want to strip it down tonight. How is the belt fixed to the head. I would
guess they can be separated (normally it's possible to replace just the
belt on HP thermal printers).

> so I may be talking about a complete head and belt assembly
> which I'd assume is unobtainium.
> If its just a matter of attaching the head to a replacement
> belt, does anyone have the specs or a source for the belt?

Can you not measure up the old belt, measure the pitch of the teeth on
the sprockets, etc?

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