Are HP 2671's repairable?

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Wed Dec 15 19:25:29 2004

Hi Bob
 There used to be a place around here called Motion Industries.
I believe they changed there name but they were a nation wide
company and had branches across the nation. They carried
all the standard cogged belts and such. I'm sure they'd have
what you need.
 They might still have the same name or something similar.
It has been a few years since I used them ( like about 10 or so ).

>From: "Bob Shannon" <>
>Are parts available to repair a HP 2671G printer?
>I'd like to replace the geared belt that drives the print-head.
>I'm not at all sure that the head can be removed from this belt
>so I may be talking about a complete head and belt assembly
>which I'd assume is unobtainium.
>If its just a matter of attaching the head to a replacement
>belt, does anyone have the specs or a source for the belt?
>Apparently whatever these belts are made of gets old in a
>bad way, they become sticky and brittle, both are bad for
>drive belts.
>Given this, I'm assuming even a new-old stock drive belt would
>not be servicable.
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