Indigo/SGI drives

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Date: Thu Dec 16 00:18:25 2004

On all of my replaced SCSI drives, I use SCA adaptors and SCA drives- much
easier to get nowadays than 50 pin models, and also newer. Any drive will
work-they do not need special firmware

The deal for SGI sleds is as follows-

The 50 pin cable goes into the 50 pin narrow SCSI socket on the adaptor- self
The power cable will often need to be teased out a little longer (at least on
Indigo2, I don't have my Indigo sled at hand)

For the SCSI ID cable (the 6-pin bit) you will need a VOM/DMM. One side will
have a bank of 3 wires, the other will have 1 wire. On the adaptor, there will
be 3 pins wired together -> these are ground, connect to the single pin side.
The other wires set the SCSI ID based on which slot in the Indigo the drive
is installed

If you choose to hardwire the drive (not as neat, but a definite
possibility), remember that on IRISes the host adapter is ID 0, so the first (system) disk
is ID 1- and so on. Most computers have the host adapter as ID #7, but not

Best of luck to you, they are very neat machines, with a slick UI (Indigo
Magic)- For IRIX 5.3 be sure to get the free IDO (Development Option-compilers
and headers, available from

Scott Quinn
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