windows 2000

From: David Woyciesjes <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 14:17:09 2004

Dan Williams wrote:
> I know this is a bad subject, but I was reading an article about
> windows nt and the influence dec had on it. In the article it said
> that compaq kept development of windows 2000 up to 1999 on Alphas.
> Has anyone here seen it running on an Alpha and do you know if many
> people developed software to run on it. I knew they had NT on a lot of
> architectures but 2000 is a new one.
> Thanks
> Dan

        Yep, Windows 2000 Beta RC 2128 does exist for the Alpha. As for
developed software, I'm not too sure if there is all that much. There is
a (currently quiet) mailing list for people who still use NT4 & W2K on
their Alphas. Browse over to

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