Final CP/M-80 diskette inventory

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 19:29:11 2004

On Thu, 16 Dec 2004, Tom Jennings wrote:

Well shit howdy, the machine is mostly up.

I cleaned up the chassis (w/20A power supply), tightened screws
on the power connections, then ran it no load for about 6 hours
and watched for warm parts and bad smells. Did that over the
last week.

The old Zenith Data Systems monitor came up without crackling.

Today I stuck in the two most-expendable cards, Cromemco TUART
and PRI (I have spares). Power still OK.

Then the memories (two Seattle 16Ks and an IMS 32K) and
ZPU. Still OK.

The the EPROM card, 4FDC and the rest. Debugger prompt on
the CRT!

Floppies are not connected (have to clean & repair the 50-pin
cable) and I'm missing the keyboard cable (DB25 --> T&B). With
the keyboard I can poke registers and see machine innards.

It's a good start. Just to see the debugger prompt means that the
upper memory is good, the ZPU jumped to the EPROM monitor, which
copies itself into RAM and hits an IO port that takes the EPROM
out of the address space. The VB3 initialized and displays OK.

It only boots manually ("b" command) and there's no power-up
diags so I'll wait for the floppy cable, which I'll repair
tomorrow. The keyboard, a top-notch Microswitch OEM type,
could be bad I suppose, then there's the floppies.
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